DevGuild Developer-First Go-To-Market


DEC. 14-16th, 2021

An efficient developer-first go-to-market is something many developer startups desire. From Twilio, to Datadog, to Snyk - the merits of low-cost user-to-user marketing, short sales cycles, and product-led growth are undeniable.

Through a combination of keynote sessions, case studies, and panels, we’ll guide you through the multi-pronged approach that companies take to build a product loved by developers, and sold to the enterprise. Hear real stories from seasoned developer-first startup founders and GTM leaders, and leave with a better understanding of the 3-phase go-to-market framework.


Opening Session

Tues. Dec. 14th
10-11:30am PST

Developer Discovery & Early Dev Product Design

The best founders and early product teams marry vision with usage data and feedback from early users. They listen with open minds, but always with the knowledge that some voices are all wrong. Taste and judgement matter and make the difference between surviving and shutting down. In this DevGuild session, our speakers and panelists will offer a framework for efficient Developer Discovery and Developer Product Design.

PRESENTATION: VP Product, Vercel Kathy Korevec

PANEL: Tailscale cofounder and COO David Carney, cofounder and CEO Magnus Hillestad, and Hasura cofounder and COO Rajoshi Ghosh in conversation with CNCF Executive Director Priyanka Sharma

Session Two

Wed. Dec. 15th
10-11:30am PST

Ramping To Repeatable Revenue

Congratulations, you’ve got developer love, an expanding community, and you’re ramping to repeatable revenue – only you can’t seem to truly leverage this momentum, what’s wrong? In this DevGuild session our speaker and panelists will offer a founder-focused blueprint for enabling hyper efficient product-led growth at your early stage startup.

PRESENTATION: Product Evangelist & Coach, Amplitude John Cutler

PANEL: Join Netlify cofounder and CSCO Christian Bach, Apollo GraphQL cofounder and CTO Matt DeBergalis and Figma's Chief Customer Officer Amanda Kleha in conversation with Avo cofounder and CEO Stefania Olafsdottir

Finale Session

Thurs. Dec. 16th
10-11:30am PST

The Enterprise Leap: Timing, Proving, and Scaling

There are two challenges every developer startup faces when navigating the leap into enterprise: understanding when your company is ready, then taking the leap and proving that you are ready.

In this DevGuild presentation, investor, advisor, and Heavybit alumni founder Adam Gross will outline his framework for when and how much to invest in your enterprise GTM. Adam will share target benchmarks around total revenue, average deal size, how your community is shaping up, and how technically ‘enterprise ready’ your product is, that you can use to understand how you stack up to others who have successfully made this leap.

After his presentation, Adam will then moderate our finale fireside with Postman founder and CEO, Abhinav Asthana. This will be an honest and open conversation about the challenges founders must confront and overcome when making their leap into the enterprise.


Kathy Korevec
VP Product, Vercel

Priyanka Sharma
Executive Director, CNCF

David Carney

David Carney
Cofounder and COO, Tailscale

Magnus Hillestad
Cofounder and CEO, Sanity

Rajoshi Ghosh

Rajoshi Ghosh
Cofounder and COO, Hasura

John Cutler
Product Evangelist & Coach, Amplitude

Christian Bach
Cofounder and CSCO, Netlify

Stefania Olafsdottir
Cofounder and CEO, Avo

Amanda Kleha
Chief Customer Officer, Figma

Matt DeBergalis
Cofounder and CTO, Apollo GraphQL

Abhinav Asthana
Founder and CEO, Postman

Adam Gross
Advisor, Investor, Founder


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