Welcome New Member: Timekit

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    Malia Powers
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We’re thrilled to announce our newest Heavybit member Timekit – a fully customizable API-driven booking platform.

Whether it is customer meetings, service bookings or appointments, Timekit makes it easy for developers to programmatically manage resources, booking flows, and event data through a simple REST API. Developers can use the Timekit API to query availability in real-time without manual intervention while also adding the business logic of screenings and appointment confirmations.

The company also offers Booking.js on top of the Timekit API – a white labeled booking widget that makes it easy for companies to take customer orders online. Rather than struggling with legacy booking software or manual processes, companies can now get beautiful online booking experiences with minimum work required by product designers and developers.

Meet The Founders:

Jesper Klingenberg, CEO and co-founder of TimeKit | LinkedIn | @klngnbrg

Jesper Klingenberg is co-founder and CEO of Timekit. Previously he co-founded a design and advertising agency called Create and was a designer at Rainmaking – a European venture capital firm.

Non-startup fact: Jesper used to work as a professional ski instructor in the Austrian Alps.

Visti Kløft, CTO and co-founder of TimeKit | LinkedIn | @vistikloft

Visti Kløft is co-founder and CTO of Timekit. Previously he worked at Tradeshift, a business commerce platform headquartered in San Francisco.

Non-startup fact: Visti has spent an unknown amount of hours playing Football manager.

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