Tailscale’s $100M Series B: Fixing the Internet One Secure Connection at a Time


This morning, Tailscale announced its $100M Series B round and we couldn’t be more excited about the team’s ambitions behind the raise and what they’ve accomplished since we led their seed financing (joined by Uncork) in late 2019.

In the just under 2.5 years since then, they’ve redefined the experience users should expect when securing their networks (spoiler alert: “magic”) and achieved a level of product/market fit rarely seen in networking infrastructure companies. They’ve seen 1200% YoY growth and continued to sustain 20% growth quarter over quarter in active monthly users.

Even more impressively, this has been driven almost completely by organic word-of-mouth from users who are head-over-heels in love with the product and the secure networks and fine-grained access controls it enables.

At the time we invested, we had no doubt that this team was special and building the kind of product that would resonate deeply with users. But none of us could have predicted we were 3 months away from the complete restructuring of what it means to be a connected knowledge worker. It’s clear now that the future of work is more distributed and flexible than ever.

Perimeter-based security models have gone from a legacy design, with outdated tradeoffs, to an almost nonsensical construct given a world where perimeters no longer exist.

Tailscale’s flexible mesh networks (Tailnets) are built on top of best-in-class, OSS encryption from WireGuard, and they’ve put in an incredible amount of engineering to ensure they connect and work from practically anywhere through anything. Tailnets are perfect for everything-- from connecting your smartphone to your machine at home, all the way up to securing access to your enterprise’s production infrastructure.

Tailscale has rapidly become the premier way to create and manage secure mesh networks, and the team brought it to market with a bottom-up approach, making it accessible to everyone from the hobbyist home networker to the largest enterprises.

In an age where the stakes of cybersecurity have never been higher, Tailscale’s dedication to help reshape the Internet into a space that’s “easy, small and safe, like it used to be” could not be bolder. To see what all the excitement is about visit tailscale.com or better yet, just sign up with your identity provider.