MAR 28, 2018

Heavybit Welcomes New Member: Replicated

Malia Powers Photo

Malia Powers

    We’re thrilled to welcome our newest member Replicated – a company that gives SaaS and software vendors a container-based platform to easily deploy their applications inside customers’ environments.

    Typically, the introduction of an on-prem version requires building an entirely new product from scratch and can be disruptive in terms of focus and resources. However, Replicated’s approach to modern on-prem software lets users utilize cloud-native architectures and technologies (including Kubernetes and CI/CD) to maintain a single code base for all versions of their product. Replicated also provides customers with on-prem licensing, updating, and support features that companies wanting to offer on-prem versions would otherwise have to build themselves.

    Companies like HashiCorp, NPM, ReadMe, CircleCI and GitPrime rely on Replicated to extend their businesses into their customers’ data centers and virtual private cloud environments.

    Co-founders Grant and Marc are also the creators of the popular EnterpriseReady guide that highlights best practices for SaaS companies when building applications that serve enterprise customers. Replicated is Los Angeles-based and backed by prominent investors, including Amplify Partners, Boldstart Ventures, Mucker Capital and Founder Collective.

    About the founders:

    Press Article

    Grant Miller, CEO and Co-founder of Replicated | LinkedIn | @GrantM

    Grant is the founder and CEO of Replicated. Previously, Grant was the founder and CEO of, a plugin for mobile apps and websites to easily enable live customer support chat. was acquired by LivePerson, Inc (Nasdaq: LPSN) where Grant led the mobile team and helped scale the product to the largest telcos, financial institutions and retailers in the world.

    Press Article

    Marc Campbell, CTO and Co-founder of Replicated | LinkedIn | @mccode

    Marc Campbell is the founder and CTO of Replicated. Currently, more than one-third of the Fortune 100 have applications deployed by Replicated in their infrastructure. Previously, Marc was the founder and CTO of, a plugin for mobile apps and websites to easily enable live customer support chat. was acquired by LivePerson, Inc (Nasdaq: LPSN).

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