Heavybit Welcomes New Member: Radar

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    Mina BenothmanGrowth Marketing Manager
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We’re happy to announce our newest member to the Heavybit portfolio, Radar. Radar helps developers build apps with geofencing, location-based contextual analysis, and place-based event tracking using just a few lines of code. Their mission is to make every app on every device contextually aware, while still maintaining users’ data privacy.

Application developers are already leveraging real-time location data. Nevertheless, user privacy is too often compromised. Radar aims to change that. Radar’s SDK only collects data if end users opt into location permissions, and does not collect personally identifiable information like name or email by default. This means developers can build location-based applications for a variety of use cases including city infrastructure, retail, and food/bev — all while respecting the user’s right to privacy by default.

The company was founded in 2016 by Nick Patrick and Coby Berman, two ex-Foursquare colleagues. Radar processes 100B+ locations per year from 50M+ devices worldwide for top apps and Fortune 500 companies including Walmart, Burger King, and trivago. Though the company is based in NYC, the founders will be traveling regularly to the Bay Area and will use Heavybit’s Clubhouse as their West Coast sales office. To check out Radar’s offerings, visit radar.io.


Nick Patrick | CEO | LinkedIn

Nick is CEO of Radar. He has a background in computer science, and was previously Director of Product at Handy, Product Manager at Foursquare, and Program Manager at Microsoft.

Coby Berman | COO | LinkedIn

Coby Berman is COO of Radar. He was previously Director of Sales at mParticle and Brand Partner at Foursquare.