New Heavybit Member: Spark IO / Particle

Heavybit welcomes Internet of Things startup Particle.


This week, Heavybit welcomes its newest member company — Spark IO.

Spark IO lets developers build cloud-connected products using a complete open source operating system (Spark OS). Developers take advantage of an arduino-like Wiring framework, interact with hardware as if it were a web service via the SparkJS REST API, write code using a series of web IDEs, and send over-the-air firmware updates. The result is a developer experience powering some of today’s coolest Internet of Things projects including a connected sous vide machine, a Wi-Fi keylock to secure your home, a smartphone enabled connected garden and even a way to turn your cat into a WiFi Scanning platform. For more info visit

SparkIO is the Future of IOT

As web, mobile, and Internet of Things meld together and the number of devices continues to grow, the intersection between software and hardware is becoming more and more important. Spark has brought the continuous development and delivery experience – previously available only to web developers – to the world of hardware and IoT products. They’re also simultaneously making the toolchain for building those products dramatically more accessible to millions of developers. The traction they are seeing is no surprise given the quality of their open-source platform and suite of tools. We are excited to help support their growth.

Meet the Founders

Zach Supalla, Founder & CEO @zsupalla | LinkedIn
Zach Supalla has a business and product background including three years as a consultant at McKinsey & Company. The idea for Spark came when Supalla found a way to integrate a home lighting system with his mother’s smartphone in order to offer her an additional communication method to contact his deaf father. He has an MBA and a Masters in Engineering Management from Northwestern’s Kellogg School and is a passionate contributor in the Maker community.

Zachary Crockett, Founder & CTO @towynlin | LinkedIn
Zachary Crockett has ten years experience developing secure, scalable, universally usable, database-backed applications. He specializes in architecting complex systems and is passionate about providing his team with a vibrant and challenging work environment. Crockett has a PhD from the University of Minnesota for both Music Composition and Computer Science. In his spare time he composes electroacoustic music for modern dance.

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