Heavybit Welcomes New Member: Opsee


This week, Heavybit welcomes its newest member company — Opsee

Opsee lets developers start testing and monitoring their cloud based distributed systems, for free. As developers transition from a three-tier architecture to a distributed system of services, it’s getting harder to track availability and performance. Opsee attaches seamlessly to cloud infrastructure to discover, test and monitor new services automatically, so developers never have to wonder what’s covered or whether it’s meeting service level targets.

Meet The Founders

Cliff Moon, founder of Opsee @moonpolysoft | LinkedIn

Before founding Opsee, Cliff founded Boundary, an application monitoring service that provides high resolution monitoring and alerting for DevOps. He was also a nosql pioneer: author of one of the first open source dynamo databases, as well as making contributions to both Riak and Cassandra.

Stephen Boak, CPO + Co-Founder of Opsee @sboak | LinkedIn

Steve is a product designer with over 10 years experience spanning the physical and digital worlds. He’s been designing dev tools for the last 5 years, and was the first designer at both Boundary and Opsmatic. He’s built products and teams from the ground up.

Greg Poirier, Factotum at Large at Opsee @grepory | LinkedIn

Greg enjoys solving problems of scale with open source technology and contributing back to the FOSS community. He likes to do elastic container infrastructure, microservices and SOA, cloud orchestration and monitoring and metrics. Prior to Opsee, Greg was senior software engineer at Wanelo.

Why We’re Excited to Work with Opsee

Companies of all sizes are moving away from monolithic stacks in favor of a distributed system of microservices. This transition brings new scaling, performance, and availability challenges. Opsee helps solve these challenges by letting developers seamlessly monitors thousands of microservices. It automatically recognizes new machine instances and containers as they come online and starts health checking them. Opsee takes care of monitoring modern containerized infrastructure and lets developers scale faster and more reliably. We’re excited to be working with them. To learn more about how Opsee can help solve your infrastructure challenges sign up at signup.opsee.co.

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