Heavybit Welcomes New Member: Moesif

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    Mina BenothmanGrowth Marketing Manager

We’re excited to start off 2019 by welcoming our newest member, Moesif! They’re a company founded by API developers for API developers. As more companies increasingly rely on first-class APIs to serve customers and partners, there’s a lack of tools purpose-built for API usage analytics, performance measurements, data validation, etc. Developers are left to hack these capabilities together with general purpose tools like log management.

Moesif enables API developers and product managers to painlessly instrument APIs with the choice of either linking in an SDK or integrating with a supported API Gateway (Kong, Tyk, Express Gateway, Heroku, etc). The platform automates API analytics, monitors anomalous behavior, and provides real-time debugging. Moesif isn’t just for developers who want to deliver high-performance and high-availability with their APIs. It also offers product management, sales, and marketing teams, insights into customer usage via integrations with CRM services like Mailchimp, Slack, and Zendesk. If your product has public-facing API’s you should check it out!

Despite having launched their product just last year, Moesif is already helping 2,000+ organizations better understand and manage their APIs including some select examples like FOX and DHL. As APIs proliferate and their management becomes more sophisticated, companies will increasingly turn to providers like Moesif for big-picture visibility into their API product usage.

The Moesif team has moved into the Heavybit Clubhouse so be sure to say hello the next time you drop by! They’re actively hiring, and are interested in connecting with community members and founders in the API governance, design, and monitoring space(s).


Derric Gilling | CEO | LinkedIn

Derric is the Co-Founder and CEO of Moesif. Previously, he was the Co-Founder and CTO of Trove, a safe and reliable online marketplace for secondhand goods. After graduating from the University of Michigan, Derric built award-winning debug and verification software for Intel and later was a computer architect on Intel’s Xeon Phi, a CPU for High Performance Computing and Machine Learning workloads.

Xing Wang | LinkedIn

Xing Wang is Co-Founder and Software Engineer at Moesif. Previously, he was Co-Founder and CEO of Trove, along with Moesif Co-Founder Derric Gilling. After receiving his SB and MEng in Computer Science from MIT, Xing was responsible for the online payments system at Microsoft before moving on to be Executive Producer at Zynga.