Heavybit Welcomes New Member: Testim

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    Malia Powers

We’re thrilled to announce our newest Heavybit member Testim – a company that provides a testing automation platform for QA teams and developers.

Designed to significantly accelerate product development cycle, Testim helps QA teams and developers at companies’ like Oracle, NetApp, and AOL, quickly create end-to-end tests, report bugs, and run tests in the cloud for their web apps. To increase efficiency, Testim also provides pre-integration to leading CI/CD platforms.

Today, Testim is pleased to announce the public beta of Testim Capture, a free product aimed at reducing the friction between QA/Product and developers. With Testim Capture, QA teams are able to communicate bugs by opening a bug ticket (e.g. Jira) just by using their app. Developers then automatically get an automated test for that bug, and once the bug is fixed, they can add it to regression test suite (CI/CD) to make sure everything works well with every update.

For more on Testim visit https://testim.io.

Meet The Founder:

Oren Rubin, CEO and Founder of Testim | LinkedIn | @shexman

Oren Rubin is CEO and Founder of Testim. He is an expert in web development and testing and has over 20 years’ experience within the software industry, working for the likes of IBM, Cadence, Applitools and Wix. Oren is the co-organizer for Israel’s Selenium, Google-Developer-Group, and Ember.js meetups. He also teaches the Web Development course at the Technion University and mentors at the Google Launchpad. In his spare time, Oren is an avid Bughouse chess player.