Heavybit Welcomes New Member: ReadMe

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    Malia Powers
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We’re excited to announce our newest Heavybit member, ReadMe – a company that provides users the ability to quickly create beautiful documentation, and build loyal, productive developer communities.

With ReadMe, teams automatically ensure stellar version control, can edit their docs with ease, and have the option of supporting their users via customized tutorials, guides and troubleshooting from the same dashboard. Customers like Box, Mozilla and Yammer are already using ReadMe to manage their docs and drive developer adoption. We’re excited to welcome ReadMe to this community and look forward to their upcoming feature releases.

Meet the Founder:

Greg Koberger, CEO and Founder of ReadMe | LinkedIn | @gkoberger

Prior to founding ReadMe, Greg worked for Mozilla, GigaOM, and as a consultant at Greylock Partners. He attended the Rochester Institute of Technology and hails from the town of Schaghticoke (pronounced scat-a-coke) in upstate New York. He continues to receive attention for his illustrations in Y-Combinator’s Startup Playbook.

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