Heavybit Welcomes New Member: Mobot


I’m excited to welcome our newest portfolio company, Mobot, which gives software engineers, product managers, and quality engineers a powerful team of helpful robots to do world-class testing at scale, across devices and ecosystems, in a matter of hours.

Real-device quality testing is critical to building mobile applications that people want to use, and to make complex digital transformation initiatives successful. Unfortunately, this kind of testing is not only expensive and prone to human error, it’s a repetitive task that your employees would rather not do. Only the biggest companies have the resources to automate it while everyone must make do.

Mobot’s powerful platform brings these advanced QE capabilities to every mobile app developer. Mobot combines software with fleets of supervised robots that let app developers create and run complex tests on mobile devices, report errors and problems as they are discovered, on just about any iOS and Android device. 

Why We're Excited

Making software play well with third-party devices has never been harder, particularly for the mobile app ecosystem. There is an explosion of devices to support, increased interoperability of software, squeezed engineering budgets, and limited headcount resources. Device-dependent software must be tested in the real world to catch edge cases that will only show up when a human is using it, and it has to be tested against the litany of devices and operating systems your users could be operating on. It’s death by a thousand paper cuts for engineering teams.

In-house manual mobile app testing takes up not only a lot of people hours, but also physical resources. Keeping your own device farm on hand and up to date is another expense. There’s simply not enough time for individual people to run full test suites on every device within the short timeframes needed to keep up with the pace of development and release to the App Store and Google Play. This often means software gets shipped to app stores with critical bugs that can set you back days or even weeks as you scramble to ship an updated release for app store approval.

In a time where many teams aim for continuous delivery/integration, Mobot empowers software engineering teams to leverage end-user interface testing as frequently and reliably as traditional unit/API tests. By enlisting a fleet of supervised mechanical robots for each client, Mobot covers the regression testing workload of an entire QA team in a cost-effective and low maintenance way. Mobot’s platform is already trusted by mobile engineering teams in all industries – e-commerce, FinTech, health, and IoT – from Citizen and Persona, to Modern Health.

In the coming year, Mobot will be growing the team and scaling its go-to-market efforts. Learn more about how Mobot works, or sign up for a free account to submit your first mobile app test case in a matter of minutes.

Meet The Founder

Eden Full Goh
Founder & CEO, Mobot

Eden Full Goh is Founder and CEO of Mobot. Prior to Mobot, Eden built products that spanned the energy, healthcare and government sectors at Palantir Technologies and Butterfly Network. She's also founded and scaled SunSaluter, a global non-profit that has deployed an open-source solar panel tracker design in 19 countries, impacting 17,000+ people.