Heavybit Welcomes New Member: MightyMeld

Heavybit welcomes visual creation platform MightyMeld.


I’m excited to welcome our newest portfolio company, MightyMeld, which gives front-end developers the power to rapidly build and update web applications of any scale visually and in real time, resolving even the most fine-grained changes into immaculately clean code.

Front-end developers are pioneers that routinely push the boundaries of what is and isn’t possible in web development, using a variety of different frameworks and tools to create increasingly exciting and sophisticated projects. Unfortunately, the tooling and architecture of front-end development have not evolved to keep pace with its most innovative practitioners.

Instead, clunky design systems have remained distressingly common. For years, design systems have offered a one-size-fits-all toolkit of standardized web units which claim to account for every design possibility, alignment, and configuration, but in practice, fail to account for the custom front-end components that make the best web apps stand out from the crowd. In addition, styling and layout for web projects remain difficult to manage. As a result, devs have found themselves stuck in endless design meetings to hash out the many ways their painstakingly hand-crafted code ended up mismatched with the wireframes and mockups–then going off to fix, update, and endlessly micro-update projects that should’ve been a one-and-done.

Why We’re Excited

MightyMeld at once solves some of the most painful and time-consuming challenges for front-end development while moving the entire discipline forward to the next logical stage in its evolution. The platform offers a visual environment that lets front-end professionals build and update their apps in real time. MightyMeld gives devs complete control over their projects by making finding, modifying, and committing changes fast and easy–and any changes made within the platform resolve directly into clean code. Better still, the platform works with any and every framework, hosting, and deployment configuration for React, so that front-end developers have the freedom to dramatically accelerate their projects no matter what tools they use.

In addition, MightyMeld moves web development as a discipline forward by offering a fast, highly responsive, visual building environment. While other disciplines such as mobile app and even game development have seen the emergence of visual building environments in Xcode and Unity, for whatever reason, front-end dev had remained relegated to hand-written code until now. And in addition to iterating on and completing projects faster in a visual environment, devs can also utilize the platform’s embedded generative AI features to automate time-consuming tasks while also intelligently learning about your projects to facilitate faster micro-updates in the future.

In the coming year, MightyMeld will be growing its team to enhance and expand its offering. Learn more about how MightyMeld works, or try the open beta now.

Meet the Founder

Steven Schkolne

Founder & CEO, MightyMeld

Steven Schkolne is the founder of MightyMeld. A lifelong creator, Steven is an engineer, a published author, an instructor, and a visual designer who has led successful software teams, run his own creative agency, taught courses at UCLA, and published his own online publication via Medium.