SEP 12, 2017

Heavybit Welcomes New Member: Greta

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Malia Powers

    We’re excited to welcome our latest Heavybit member company, Greta – a company dedicated to helping users increase site performance via an innovative approach to content delivery. The company uses machine learning to make content routing decisions in the client based on real-time network data. For every piece of content, Greta automatically decides if the content should be delivered over multi-CDN, peer-to-peer, client cache or an overlay network. As a result, customers experience shorter content load times, higher content quality and server offload during peak traffic.

    Greta is as easy to install as Google Analytics, is content agnostic, and works on top of your existing CDN solutions. The product includes a real-time analytics dashboard where companies and developers can see how Greta and other content delivery solutions perform, as well as make configurations directly in the UI.

    Earlier this week Greta was listed as one of Europe’s 100 hottest startups by WIRED, and they are currently backed by some of Europe’s leading investors including Berlin-based BlueYard and angels from companies like Spotify, Mapillary and King. The team of seven is currently split between Stockholm and San Francisco.

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    Meet the Founders

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    Anna Ottosson, co-founder & CEO | LinkedIn | @annavottosson

    Prior to founding Greta in 2015, Anna worked on strategy, business development and negotiations in the London office of MTG, a global media house with $2 billion in annual revenue. When MTG went head-to-head with Netflix to win streaming subscribers, Anna experienced the importance of giving consumers a flawless experience, and the crucial role of technical infrastructure to be able to do so.

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    Dennis Mårtensson, co-founder & CTO | LinkedIn | @dennis_marten

    After his studies in computer science, Dennis became the first developer at Storytel, a European audio streaming company that IPO’d last year. At Storytel, he spent four years scaling the technical infrastructure and operations. Whilst spending 3 months at Hacker School (now Recurse Center) in New York in 2012, Dennis built one of the first open source webRTC demos, which was the seed to what later became Greta.

    Victor Ginsburg Müller, co-founder & CPO | LinkedIn | @clouddesign

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    Victor started working with digital experiences in the 90’s and has held UX, UI, digital strategy and design positions ever since. He most recently comes from the role as Design Director and a member of the board at Doberman, a Stockholm and New York based design firm with clients like Google, IBM and Amazon, Maple, Oscar, and MoMa.