Heavybit Welcomes Marketing and Product Faculty Chairs


I’m excited to announce Nisha Ahluwalia and Cole Krumbholz as Heavybit’s Faculty Chairs.

As Faculty Chairs they are building a formal marketing and product curriculum that includes SaaS benchmarks, required reading, assigned product and marketing instructors, and a framework for demand generation and product discovery. They will also offer 1:1 advice to member companies, make key introductions, and build special events and office hours to help founders gain core competencies in areas of high need.

About The Faculty Chairs

Nisha is Heavybit’s first Marketing Faculty Chair. She is the former CMO of PagerDuty where she helped define the company’s messaging and pricing strategy, she’s also held senior marketing roles at Cisco WebEx and RingCentral. As our Faculty Chair she’ll work with founders on their core messaging and marketing roadmap to ensure they’re driving revenue and sales.

Cole is Heavybit’s first Product Faculty Chair. As the founder of Brace.io, Cole led the company to a successful acquisition by Squarespace where he now works as the company’s Developer Platform Lead. Before that he built several popular developer tools, including Backlift, Formspree.io and Gridspree.io. He will be working with Heavybit member companies to perfect their customer discovery process and design products that developers love.

We’re excited to work with Nisha and Cole!