Heavybit Welcomes New Member: Kosli

Heavybit welcomes DevOps change management startup Kosli.


We’re excited to announce our investment in and welcome our newest portfolio company, Kosli, whose platform addresses a huge challenge in enterprises undergoing a DevOps transformation, change management. Modern DevOps teams strive to make changes small, fast, frequent, and safe, thereby reducing the risk and the cost of implementing any given deployment/change. As teams focus on improving these capabilities, the rate of change in their infrastructure increases exponentially and creates an entirely new class of problems as (particularly for companies in regulated industries) they have security and audit controls in place that are often diametrically opposed to high rates of change.

Kosli elegantly solves this problem in a frictionless approach that integrates into your existing systems (e.g. version control, build, deployment, etc.) and records a complete, content-addressable history of your infrastructure’s changes as they happen. Not only can you continuously produce complete audit artifacts, but you can also rapidly pull up the given state of your systems at any point in time, compare or diff them with other points in time, and understand the precise changes that led to new states. When incidents occur, DevOps teams must quickly diagnose and resolve the issue - a process that is becoming harder as systems become increasingly granular and distributed. The very first question any seasoned sysadmin asks when an incident starts to unfold is “what changed?” With Kosli’s intuitive, command-line interface the answer to that question is only ever seconds away without requiring grokking through log files or dashboards. As upwards of 70% of outages can be traced to a change event, DevOps teams need the ability to track down the cause of breakages, fast.

Kosli is the missing capability for serious enterprises to fully embrace modern software delivery practices. It provides a provable record of infrastructure changes beyond the basic repository management of GitOps, minus the messiness of separate integration scripts or having to manage source repositories. Kosli’s platform records every commit, build, test, approval, and deployment and even offers a live operational map so that teams can go beyond audits and reduce their MTTR (Mean Time To Recovery) when diagnosing incidents. It tracks and records the actual state of your systems in practice, not their desired state in theory. With its centralized audit logs and streamlined SOC 2 and ISO 27001 certification, Kosli’s platform dramatically reduces the cost and pain of meeting compliance requirements.

With this investment, Kosli will continue growing its team and scaling its go-to-market function. Learn more about how Kosli works or sign up for a free account.

Meet the Founders

Mike Long | CEO | LinkedIn

Mike Long is CEO and co-founder of Kosli, having founded the London-based design and comms bureau Phable, and previously serving tours of duty at Eficode, Praqma, and Schlumberger.

James Logan | CCO | LinkedIn

James Logan is co-founder and chief commercial officer of Kosli, previously having served as CEO for Brightport AS and co-founding Touch Mobility AS.