The Heavybit Brand: New Decade, New Look

From modern cloud practices, to leaps in compute power, to AI - software has evolved and so has Heavybit.

  • Andrea Echstenkamper
    Andrea EchstenkamperVP Marketing

It’s been a wild ride. Looking back, we’re amazed at how much has changed since Heavybit began in 2013. We’ve seen the maturation of cloud computing and the emergence of the digital-native enterprise. We’ve seen the decoupling of full-stack engineering (into front-end and back-end) and the rise of DevSecOps. And when the world changes, brands do too. In addition to our new partner, and new San Francisco office…today, we unveil the next evolution of our brand.

Why the change? Software is ubiquitous, and what it means to be a developer (and shape our lives) has fundamentally changed. Heavybit began when developer tools and infrastructure were considered unfundable. Fast forward to today and there’s not a tech VC that doesn’t try to claim some expertise in AI models, data platforms, or encryption. In a decade, a lot has changed, but not everything. We’re still solely committed to helping technical founders and developers change the world. Our updated brand reflects our journey as the leading investor in developer-first startups.

The new proportionally constructed hex symbol–which reflects our renewed commitment to the “heavy industry” of the rapidly changing world of software development.

Read on as we name the core elements of the Heavybit brand and how they’ve evolved:

  1. Evoking “Heavy Industry” as Infrastructure: There will always be an ongoing need for “heavy industry.” In the same way that steelworking and manufacturing provided infrastructure for the Industrial Revolution, development teams need infrastructure to support innovation. We have always used our “hexnut” icon to represent the way we invest in the heavy industries that underpin modern development, including tools, networks, and teams that build, test, maintain, and deploy modern software. In the past decade, we’ve seen incredible progress in compute power, architecture, and software best practices. We’ve also seen new development complexity arise, particularly from emerging fields like AI. Our updated hexnut signifies how tools and infrastructure need to advance and evolve–and how they will remain as important as ever.
  2. Functional and Foundational Thinking: A hexnut is only useful when affixed to something. Our team doesn’t just carefully deliberate on startup launches, product pricing, and bottom up GTM–we’re deep industry experts with ties to the most important ecosystem players and events. And like a good hexnut, once we’re bolted on to a team, we’re bolted on–supporting our founders even through challenging times. The latest iteration of the hexnut has a more proportional design with the internal threading matching the width of the exterior.
  3. We’re Specialists Who Apply Our Expertise Practically: We’re entering a new era of technology in which “developer-first” is mainstream, and Heavybit, as the leading investor in developer-first startups is taking its place as both a global investment firm and as a long-standing industry expert. Our updated brand reflects our renewed commitment to developers and operators in the devtool space, because we are developers and operators in the devtool space. We take pride in providing honest, practical advice to our founders. And practically speaking it makes sense to put the symbol and the wordmark together in one logo. After all, this isn’t a secret club, it’s an international movement of bleeding-edge technologists and software’s earliest adopters.

We still have more to share in celebration of our 10th anniversary, including more stories and insights from our community on what it means to build software in 2023 and beyond. Thank you to everyone who has grown with us and made the Heavybit community so special.