Heavybit Introduces New Editorial Lead: Andrew Park

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    Andrew ParkEditorial Lead

I’m pleased to officially announce that I’ve joined Heavybit as Editorial Lead to help the Heavybit team and our portfolio companies create and strategize around content, messaging, and communications for the most experienced and successful developer-led startup fund on the planet.

Heavybit already has an incredible team, so the TL;DR version here is that we’re going to have even more ways to support dev-first startups with the expert insights of hundreds of veteran advisors/founders who have already launched successful companies of their own. My goal is to expand on the outstanding foundation that Heavybit has already built, such as our library, which offers more than 1,500 pieces of content on how to launch and run successful dev-led startups.

What’s exciting is the prospect of getting the word out about the important work we’re doing, and how developer-led startups are already changing the way we work and live. As an investor, advisor, and partner, Heavybit has already helped ambitious companies such as Tailscale, Snyk, PagerDuty, LaunchDarkly, CircleCI, and Contentful (and plenty of others) make a huge difference in the world today. And we’re just getting started.

Previously, I’ve been fortunate enough to work at SaaS startups such as tray.io and QuanticMind, building out content for both technical and line-of-business personas, while leading comms and social programs to secure media coverage, as well as to develop and place larger narratives in trade outlets along with mainstream tech, business, and finance pubs.

I’ve also led editorial teams at consumer media outlets such as CBS Interactive, CNET Networks, and ZDNet as a lead writer, managing editor, and group project manager, which might afford me some perspective into how journalists work.

I received my bachelor’s degree from UC Berkeley and found myself pursuing editorial and writing work. I’ve been fortunate enough to help tell the stories of some fantastic brands with fantastic teams. I joined Heavybit to find new stories to tell, and new things to learn. Since I’ve been fortunate enough to work in marketing, editorial journalism, PR, and social media across both consumer and B2B verticals, I’m looking forward to supporting our portfolio teams on content and community to develop their go-to-market motions, as well as to potentially help them tell their stories to larger audiences.

If you’re ready to join our contributor program, or have ideas for another article or content you’d like to discuss with us, please feel free to reach out to me at andrew@heavybit.com. Thanks in advance.

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