Heavybit Welcomes New Member: Avo

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    Mina BenothmanGrowth Marketing Manager

We’re excited to welcome our newest member, Avo– a company that enables teams to manage their product and user-behavioral analytics from the top-down. Start with the questions you have, specify the high-level events you need to answer them, and use their generated tracking snippets to instrument your code consistently and robustly across multiple platforms. Avo helps teams confidently focus on making data-driven decisions, instead of toiling on data cleansing, cross-platform and device consistency, property definitions, or unknowingly breaking/corrupting events across releases.

Modern companies use a variety of business intelligence applications and track a variety of events – from Segment, to Mixpanel, to Intercom, to Firebase. The challenge with these disparate tools is that developers need to ad-hoc implement tracking events across multiple platforms. This inevitably results in inconsistent definitions as different developers cycle across multiple releases. Analysts are forced to continually reconcile these discrepancies, or worse try and repair corrupted/incorrectly recorded data. With Avo, developers simply use their consistently generated type safe tracking snippets with built in validation and leave nothing to chance. Analytics managers monitor events across platforms and reuse event property definitions, and product managers receive alerts to prevent analytics from breaking at the time of release.

Prior to Avo, the team worked together on a game called QuizUp (100M+ users) where they used metrics to make decisions. The problem was, they repeatedly shipped code that broke analytics – because the implementation process was terribly error-prone and disjointed. In an effort to deal with this issue, they launched Avo in 2018 to ensure that analytics implementation was easier and more reliable for developers, product managers, data scientists, and QA teams. Today, Avo serves a number of customers including Sotheby’s, Skip Scooters, TripAdvisor, and FullStory.

Based in Iceland, Avo’s founders will be cycling in and out of the Bay Area frequently and based out of the Heavybit Clubhouse while in town. Say hi when you get a chance! To learn more about the product visit https://www.avo.app


Stefania Olafsdottir | CEO | LinkedIn

Stefania is the cofounder and CEO of Avo. She has extensive experience in the data world, having been the Head of Data Science at the Icelandic startup QuizUp. QuizUp reached around 100 million users around the world and the company was later acquired by the US gaming company Glu Mobile. Stefania’s work has led her to dive deeper into the data-driven culture with Avo.

Arni Hermann Reynisson | CTO | LinkedIn

Arni is the cofounder and CTO of Avo. He is a software engineer focused on creating well-behaved systems with excellent user experience and has worked for companies such as Sprettur, which pioneered the use of Agile and Lean methods in the Icelandic IT industry, and Plain Vanilla Games, which was backed by Sequoia Capital, Greycroft Partners, and BOLDstart Ventures.

Solvi Logason | Product | LinkedIn

Solvi is the cofounder of Avo, where he leads product. Solvi is a web developer who has been building consumer products since he cofounded a web agency in high school, and has been working alongside Stefania and Arni ever since graduating with a degree in software engineering. He’s a builder with a passion for user experience and a natural eye for beautiful design, and has been nominated and awarded multiple times at the Icelandic Web Awards for his personal and professional products.