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Developer Focused: The Really Early Days

From Heavybit, you can learn the best practices and all these things about building a developer startup that just aren’t codified anywhere else.

Community Values: the Philosophy of Open Source

Whenever I go to events at Heavybit, I feel relieved and inspired knowing that we’re not the only ones, this stuff is hard, and some people have good ideas of what to try. It would have been harder for us without Heavybit. We didn’t go through YC or any other accelerator. But even if we did, I don’t think we would have had as much in common than with the folks that we interacted with at Heavybit. Especially in the early days, it was really helpful.

Content: Stage-Appropriate Advice

Heavybit content doesn’t just talk about snapshots and points, it connects dots and draws a motion picture of what needs to happen to a company before it successfully hits a particular milestone.

What Will You Transform?

Heavybit founders build the future of software. We accept rolling applications from early-stage devtool and infrastructure company founders year round. Ready to take the next step?