• 2019
  • 20%
  • 12B+
  • 2.5x

meet Citus Data


Strategic Direction: The Cloud & Open Source Offering

Heavybit’s team and advisor network influenced our go-to-market shift to open source Citus and launch a cloud database as a service.

Scaling the Business: Stage-Appropriate Coaching

Heavybit’s DevGuild: Demand Generation was very insightful in marketing to a larger audience, measuring the impact of it, and understanding the best practices. The quality of the content and attendees was extremely high.

Community: A Place to Share and Learn

We have other contacts through other means that we speak to on a regular basis; however, the perspective at Heavybit is most relevant to our business.

What Will You Transform?

Heavybit founders build the future of software. We accept rolling applications from early-stage devtool and infrastructure company founders year round. Ready to take the next step?