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Ep. #23, Counseling Founders with Jonathan Heiliger of Vertex Ventures
November 2, 2020

with Jonathan Heiliger

In episode 23 of Venture Confidential, Heavybit’s Jesse Robbins interviews Jonathan Heiliger of Vertex Ventures on counseling founders and making big infrastructure bets.

Ep. #22, Feat. Dan Scholnick of Trinity Ventures
October 31, 2018

with Dan Scholnick

In episode 22 of Venture Confidential, Dan Scholnick, General Partner at Trinity Ventures, discusses how his past experience as a two time entrepreneur helps him determine which promising companies and charismatic entrepreneurs to invest in as well as what sets Trinity Ventures apart from other funds.

Ep. #21, Feat. Lan Xuezhao of Basis Set Ventures
September 21, 2018

with Lan Xuezhao

In episode 21 of Venture Confidential, Lan Xuezhao, Founding Partner at Basis Set Ventures, describes how she went from a career in Corp Dev at Dropbox to later founding a venture firm that invests in companies that improve people’s work efficiency.

Ep. #20, Feat. Leo Polovets of Susa Ventures
September 6, 2018

with Leo Polovets

In episode 20 of Venture Confidential, Leo Polovets, General Partner at Susa Ventures, describes how he went from a career in software engineering to later entering the world of venture and working with founders.

Ep. #19, Feat. Charles Hudson of Precursor Ventures
August 30, 2018

with Charles Hudson

In episode 19 of Venture Confidential, Charles Hudson stops by the studio to talk about his journey from founding a mobile games company to becoming a partner with Uncork and most recently Precursor Ventures.

Ep. #18, Feat. Aligned’s Jodi Sherman Jahic
June 8, 2018

with Jodi Sherman Jahic

In episode 18 of Venture Confidential, Aligned Partners’ Jodi Sherman Jahic stops by the Heavybit studio to discuss what kind of companies and portfolios she invests in and what capital efficiency should mean for startups.

Ep. #17, Feat. Manu Kumar of K9 Ventures
May 23, 2018

with Manu Kumar

In episode 17 of Venture Confidential, Manu Kumar stops by the Heavybit studio to talk about how he started a micro VC called K9 Ventures and why he chooses to invest in and help grow early stage companies.

Ep. #16, Feat. Greylock Partners’ Jerry Chen
May 11, 2018

with Jerry Chen

In episode 16 of Venture Confidential, we’re joined by Jerry Chen of Greylock Partners to discuss what it takes as an investor and board member to help make a good company great.

Ep. #15, Sourcing with Zetta’s Jocelyn Goldfein
February 28, 2018

with Jocelyn Goldfein

In episode 15 of Venture Confidential, Peter is joined by Zetta Venture Partner’s Jocelyn Goldfein to discuss her past involvement at VMware and Facebook as well as her latest role as investor.