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Ep. #21, Krustlet with Taylor Thomas and Matt Butcher

Guests: Taylor Thomas, Matt Butcher

In episode 21 of The Kubelist Podcast, Marc Campbell and Benjie De Groot are joined by Taylor Thomas and Matt Butcher. Together they explore the WebAssembly ecosystem, the CNCF Sandbox project Krustlet, and how they’re pushing the limits of container runtime.

About the Guests

Taylor Thomas is a Senior Software Engineer working on Krustlet, Bindle, Wasm, and other open source tooling at Microsoft. He is a regular speaker at various open source conferences and meetups, including various KubeCons and local meetup groups.

Matt Butcher is a Principal Software Developer at Microsoft, where he leads the team of open source developers that manage Helm, Krustlet, CNAB, Brigade, Porter, and several other projects. Matt has a Ph.D. in philosophy, and is the author of nine technical books. He’s also the co-author, with Karen Chu, of The Illustrated Children’s Guide to Kubernetes book series.

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