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Ep. #76, Growing Alongside JAMstack Communities with Tessa Mero of Cloudinary
April 16, 2021

with Tessa Mero

In episode 76 of JAMstack Radio, Brian is joined by Tessa Mero of Cloudinary. They share stories from the developer advocate role, tips for scaling communities, and tactics for improving accessibility to online events.

Ep. #75, Accelerating Back End with Johan Eliasson of Nhost
March 26, 2021

with Johan Eliasson

In episode 75 of JAMstack Radio, Brian Douglas chats with Johan Eliasson of Nhost. They discuss their favorite JAMstack tools, the inception of Nhost and its use cases, and other innovations in back end services.

Ep. #74, Redefining JAMstack with Debbie O’Brien of NuxtJS
March 16, 2021

with Debbie O'Brien

In episode 74 of JAMstack Radio, Brian speaks with Debbie O’Brien of NuxtJS. They discuss the use cases of NuxtJS, tactics for engaging open source communities, and the importance of rewarding project maintainers.

Ep. #73, Serverless Made Easy with Brian LeRoux of Begin
February 26, 2021

with Brian LeRoux

In episode 73 of JAMstack Radio, Brian Douglas speaks with Brian LeRoux of Begin. They discuss the front-end web community, accelerating serverless architecture, and minimizing cold start times.

Ep. #72, Documentation Deep Dive with Megan Sullivan of Gatsby
February 18, 2021

with Megan Sullivan

In episode 72 of JAMstack Radio, Brian chats with Megan Sullivan of Gatsby. They discuss teaching young people to code, Megan’s tech career journey, and her experience overhauling the documentation process at Gatsby.

Ep. #71, Open Source Firebase Alternative with Paul Copplestone of Supabase
February 1, 2021

with Paul Copplestone

In episode 71 of JAMstack Radio, Brian speaks with Paul Copplestone of Supabase. They discuss the inception of Supabase and its use cases, the scalability issues faced by startups, and the mysteries surrounding database management.

Ep. #70, JAMstack Consulting with Núria Soriano and Josep Jaume of Codegram
December 22, 2020

with Núria Soriano & Josep Jaume

In episode 70 of JAMstack Radio, Brian speaks with Núria Soriano and Josep Jaume of Codegram about JAMstack consulting, migrating to new versions of frameworks, the prevalence of plugins, and working with Gridsome.

Ep. #69, Full Stack Serverless with Nader Dabit of AWS
December 8, 2020

with Nader Dabit

In episode 69 of JAMstack Radio, Brian welcomes Nader Dabit of AWS back to the show. They discuss Nader’s new book, building full stack serverless apps, and educating developers.

Ep. #68, Edge Handlers with Matt Biilmann of Netlify
November 24, 2020

with Matt Biilmann

In episode 68 of JAMstack Radio, Brian speaks with Matt Biilmann of Netlify. They discuss the plugin ecosystem, the state of the JAMstack, and what’s new at Netlify.