Library Podcasts

Ep. #39, GraphQL Services with Sean Grove of OneGraph
May 16, 2019

with Sean Grove

In episode 39 of JAMstack Radio, Brian is joined by Sean Grove of OneGraph to unpack common misconceptions about GraphQL, and discuss some of the peripheral services and tools available to educate and inspire GraphQL users.

Ep. #38, JAM Performance with J.C. Hiatt of DevLifts
April 18, 2019

with J.C. Hiatt

In episode 38 of JAMstack Radio, Brian talks with J.C. Hiatt, Founder of DevLifts. They cover front end frameworks in the JAMstack, scaling up an ultra-lean business, and even developer fitness.

Ep. #37, Web Analytics with Ben Schwarz of Calibre
April 4, 2019

with Ben Schwarz

In episode 37 of JAMstack Radio, Brian is joined by Ben Schwarz, founder of Calibre, to discuss the shortcomings and frustrations of the modern web experience for everyday users, and the tooling available to improve it.

Ep. #36, Collaboration Tools with Jira’s Zak Islam
March 20, 2019

with Zak Islam

In episode 36 of JAMstack Radio, Brian is joined by Zak Islam, Head of Engineering at Atlassian’s Jira. They explore the entire Jira toolset and how to simplify complex projects.

Ep. #35, GraphQL Querying with Hasura’s Tanmai Gopal
January 8, 2019

with Tanmai Gopal

In episode 35 of JAMstack Radio, Brian talks to Tanmai Gopal, CEO and Co-Founder of Hasura, about what makes GraphQL popular and how you can start using it instantly with Hasura.

Ep. #34, Using MongoDB with Stitch and Atlas
November 27, 2018

with Michael Lynn and Drew DiPalma

In episode 34 of JAMstack Radio, Brian talks to Michael Lynn and Drew DiPalma of MongoDB about how developers are using Stitch and Atlas to power their projects.

Ep. #33, The Knative Project with IBM Cloud Platform’s Jason McGee
October 30, 2018

with Jason McGee

In episode 33 of JAMstack Radio, Brian speaks with Jason McGee, IBM Fellow and VP and CTO of IBM Cloud Platform, to see how Knative is helping developers build and deploy serverless projects.

Ep. #32, Progressive Web Apps with AWS’ Nader Dabit
September 27, 2018

with Nader Dabit

In episode 32 of JAMstack Radio, Brian meets with Nader Dabit, developer advocate for AWS Mobile, which is a team within AWS that focuses on solutions for mobile developers to discuss developer tools such as Device Farm, AWS Amplify, and AWS Appsync. 

Ep. #31, Originless code with Cloudflare’s Kenton Varda
September 12, 2018

with Kenton Varda

In episode 31 of JAMstack Radio, Brian meets with Kenton Varda, tech lead for Cloudflare Workers and author of to discuss some of the infinite uses for running code at the edge.