Library Podcasts

Ep. #56, Simpler Deployment with Joseph Cooper of KintoHub
May 19, 2020

with Joseph Cooper

In episode 56 of JAMstack Radio, Brian speaks with Joseph Cooper of KintoHub. They discuss Joseph’s background, deploying full stack apps in the cloud, and the software tools they personally enjoy using.

Ep. #55, Smaller Builds, Less Tooling with Fred Schott of Pika
April 30, 2020

with Fred Schott

In episode 55 of JAMstack Radio, Brian speaks with Fred Schott of Pika. They discuss the Pika project, ES Modules in Javascript, and how bundling code has shifted over the years.

Ep. #54, From Crisis to Creation with Rami Sass of WhiteSource
April 15, 2020

with Rami Sass

In episode 54 of JAMstack Radio, Brian speaks with Rami Sass of WhiteSource about securing and managing open source components in your software, and the tools available for identifying vulnerabilities in packages.

Ep. #53, Community Metrics with Georg Link of CHAOSS
April 1, 2020

with Georg Link

In episode 53 of JAMstack Radio, Brian joins Georg Link of CHAOSS to discuss the importance of community metrics, which metrics are most useful for modern projects, and what open source tools are available for collecting and analyzing metrics.

Ep. #52, Open Sourcery with Tanner Linsley of Nozzle
March 19, 2020

with Tanner Linsley

In episode 52 of JAMstack Radio, Brian and Tanner Linsley discuss the enterprise keyword rank tracker Nozzle, how the open source ethos has shifted in recent years, and finding sponsors to elevate open source projects.

Ep. #51, Community Over Code with Shawn Wang of Netlify
February 27, 2020

with Shawn Wang

In episode 51 of JAMstack Radio, Brian joins Shawn Wang to discuss his role as a developer experience engineer at Netlify, the open-source JavaScript framework Svelte, and scaling community above code.

Ep. #50, Real-time Editing with Scott Gallant and Jordan Patterson of
November 27, 2019

with Scott Gallant & Jordan Patterson

In episode 50 of JAMstack Radio, Brian is joined by Scott Gallant and Jordan Patterson, the founders of They discuss next-generation CMS and real-time editing with their open-source toolkit TinaCMS.

Ep. #49, Auth in the JAMstack with Sam Julien of Auth0
November 13, 2019

with Sam Julien

In episode 49 of JAMstack Radio, Brian speaks with Sam Julien of Auth0 to discuss an elegant workflow for authentication and authorization in the JAMstack, dependencies in Gatsby, and storing JSON web tokens safely.

Ep. #48, Dynamic Static Sites with Shalom Volchok of Digital Optimization Group
October 24, 2019

with Shalom Volchok

In episode 48 of JAMstack Radio, Brian speaks with Shalom Volchok, CEO & Co-Founder of Digital Optimization Group. They discuss Shalom’s background in online herbal products, and reintroducing dynamic content into static sites.