Library Podcasts

Ep. #61, Putting Stripe on the JAM with Nick DeJesus
August 4, 2020

with Nick DeJesus

In episode 61 of JAMstack Radio, Brian speaks with T7 Chicken creator Nick DeJesus. They discuss developer sponsorships, coding bootcamps, Gatsby themes, and Nick’s personal experience maintaining use-shopping-cart.

Ep. #60, Building Fullstack React Apps with Brandon Bayer
July 24, 2020

with Brandon Bayer

In episode 60 of JAMstack Radio, Brian speaks with Brandon Bayer. They explore the complexity behind building fullstack applications and how deployment-agnostic tools like Blitz.js could change the developer landscape.

Ep. #59, The Component Marketplace with Alexander Karan of ClimateClever
July 8, 2020

with Alexander Karan

In episode 59 of JAMstack Radio, Brian talks with Alexander Karan of ClimateClever. They discuss front-end microservices, breaking down developer projects into individual components, and building applications with Bit.

Ep. #58, Bootstrapping Your API with Pierre Burgy of Strapi
June 24, 2020

with Pierre Burgy

In episode 58 of JAMstack Radio, Brian speaks with Pierre Burgy of Strapi. They discuss bootstrapping APIs, marketing open source projects as products, and the importance of tutorials over documentation for the adoption of new technology.

Ep. #57, JSX in Markdown with Chris Biscardi
June 11, 2020

with Chris Biscardi

In episode of 57 of JAMstack Radio, Brian talks with Chris Biscardi, an independent engineer and startup consultant. They discuss MDX, the struggles of website migration, and why more projects are adopting JAMstack.

Ep. #56, Simpler Deployment with Joseph Cooper of KintoHub
May 19, 2020

with Joseph Cooper

In episode 56 of JAMstack Radio, Brian speaks with Joseph Cooper of KintoHub. They discuss Joseph’s background, deploying full stack apps in the cloud, and the software tools they personally enjoy using.

Ep. #55, Smaller Builds, Less Tooling with Fred Schott of Pika
April 30, 2020

with Fred Schott

In episode 55 of JAMstack Radio, Brian speaks with Fred Schott of Pika. They discuss the Pika project, ES Modules in Javascript, and how bundling code has shifted over the years.

Ep. #54, From Crisis to Creation with Rami Sass of WhiteSource
April 15, 2020

with Rami Sass

In episode 54 of JAMstack Radio, Brian speaks with Rami Sass of WhiteSource about securing and managing open source components in your software, and the tools available for identifying vulnerabilities in packages.

Ep. #53, Community Metrics with Georg Link of CHAOSS
April 1, 2020

with Georg Link

In episode 53 of JAMstack Radio, Brian joins Georg Link of CHAOSS to discuss the importance of community metrics, which metrics are most useful for modern projects, and what open source tools are available for collecting and analyzing metrics.