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Caveat Founder
37 MIN

Ep. #1, Feat. Ilya Sukhar & Fred Stevens-Smith

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about the episode

I’m happy to share the first episode of Caveat Founder, Heavybit’s newest podcast. Caveat Founder is a regular series featuring founders sharing their experiences building developer facing companies. Gain insight into what it takes to build a successful developer facing company by hearing success (and failure) stories directly from founders themselves.

In this inaugural episode, Ilya Sukhar and Fred Stevens-Smith talk through pricing challenges at developer facing companies, the type of investors developer facing companies should look for, and the sometimes difficult transition from Founder to CEO.

Ilya Sukhar founded Parse, a provider of cloud services for mobile developers, in 2011 and served as CEO until being acquired by Facebook in 2013. Ilya continued to work on Parse and other platform products at Facebook until very recently.

Fred Stevens-Smith is the co-founder and CEO of Rainforest who provide QA as a service, making it simple and fast to test your webapp in multiple browsers.