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Why Heavybit Cares About Content

At the core of Heavybit’s content programs is an endless drive to teach technical founders and their teams how to take developer products to market. Our programs focus on evergreen educational content that features founders, investors, and leading operators in the developer tools space.

We don’t aim to be a source of breaking news, instead we want to be the most complete repository of insights and learnings from those who are successfully building developer tools and services.

How To Contribute

Do you have valuable insights and experiences in the developer tool space that you’d like to share with our community? We want to hear from you. Please fill out this short form to get started and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible.

It’s important to understand that we can’t guarantee that we’ll publish your submission, but we do guarantee that we will review it and provide clear feedback on why we decided to publish or not.

We reserve the right to edit your post as needed for style, content, length, etc. and we will give guest authors a chance to review our edits before posting. All content must also abide by our content and fact checking policy.

Why A Contributor Program

Heavybit is seeking guest contributors to bolster our existing content programs with current, valuable information around developer topics including but not limited to:

  • API Management, Security, Governance, Performance
  • Architecture Trends, i.e. Serverless, K8’s, Blockchain
  • Documentation
  • Community Building
  • Developer Marketing, Ops, Demand Gen, Content Marketing, Events
  • Pricing

All content shared is intended to help our community of founders, investors, and operators better understand today’s developer tools space, including how to invest in, join, or otherwise benefit from the work being done.

We welcome high-quality guest contributions from experts who fit our content style. The content should attract and provide value to founders, investors, and operators who are building developer tools and services.

What you, the contributor, get:

  • Larger thought-leadership opportunities – contributing a post to the Library is often the first step to larger opportunities within our program. Top contributors can expect to be invited to speak at our Speaker Series events or our DevGuild conferences, guest on podcasts, or participate in 1:1 office hours with our member companies.
  • Member connections – submitting contributions also provides you an effortless connection to our member companies. If your content isn’t a perfect fit here, we’ll almost definitely be able to find a home for your piece with our members.
  • Association with Heavybit – great exposure on a respected platform that’s selective when it comes to contributed content. Your work will live alongside content from some of the leading founders, advisors, and investors in the field including our own member companies, as well as others like Segment, Salesforce, Auth0, Heroku, GitHub, Slack, and more.
  • Brand awareness – build up your company’s brand, improve your hiring funnel, establish yourself as a thought leader, and gain access to a curated audience of potential customers for your developer tool.
  • Editorial feedback — it’s great getting published, but it’s even greater to get the feedback to make it easier to get published again. Are you thinking of submitting a talk to a large conference? Our team will help you hone your message by starting with a short post.

What Heavybit gets:

  • Bigger Library – more content published on our site, which translates to more views and brings us closer to our goal of being the center of the developer ecosystem.
  • More topic coverage – a more diverse collection of content and topics that our small team doesn’t have the expertise to cover on our own

The Heavybit Audience

Our content targets three specific audiences: developer company founders, those who invest in developer tools companies, and the engineering, marketing, sales, and product operators who are taking developer products to market.

When considering content that you’d like to contribute to Heavybit, choose one to two of these audiences to target and focus on. A post that tries to speak to all three audiences will end up being ineffective at speaking to any.

Here are a few examples of founder targeted content:

Investor targeted content:

and sales/marketing/product operator targeted content:

Content Formats

  • Post mortems
  • Q&A interviews
  • Integration stories
  • Event wrap-ups
  • Technology reviews or previews
  • Stack breakdowns
  • Top X frameworks/tools/languages

What Is Good Content

Good content is

  • Educational
  • Actionable
  • Inclusive
  • Includes clear calls-to-action
  • Is based in real experience
  • Proposes useful solutions

What Is Bad Content

Bad content is

  • A pitch for your own product or service
  • Only helpful in hyper-specific situations
  • Filled with meaningless buzzwords
  • Targeting an individual person or company
  • Hateful, racist, sexist, etc.


All contributed content will be shared widely to the Heavybit community through social channels, our newsletters, our Slack teams, and as direct reference materials to our members and prospective members.

Upon submission of your final draft, Heavybit will schedule the post for publishing and provide at least 5 days of lead time to you and your teams to help coordinate any shared promotions. We encourage you to share your posts to your own networks.


Content can be republished on your company or personal site two weeks after being live on our site, but you must use a canonical link pointing back to the piece on the Heavybit site.

Contribution Deliverables


  • We like to have posts that range from 500 to 2,000 words.
  • Longer blog posts provide space for more information, more examples, and more depth that will bring visitors back to our site again and again.
  • Longer, in-depth posts are also more likely to be picked up by larger media outlets and supernode sites like Reddit or Hacker News.

Citations, Links, and Relationships

  • Where applicable, add links to your post that point to existing Heavybit content relevant to your piece.
  • Use external links for any third-party perspectives, evidence, and statistics.
  • Disclose the nature of any relationship with a company or person that is mentioned in your content. This is most important if you’re mentioning your own product or service.
  • We reserve the right to add rel=”nofollow” to any link or remove a link attached to words or images before or after publication.
  • Do not link to any questionable sources or industries, such as pharmaceuticals, casinos, payday loans, or pornography.
  • Buying, selling, or trading links that appear in posts is strictly prohibited.


  • Write out numbers from 1, 2, 3, etc.
  • Write percentages as digits.
  • Use one space after all punctuation.
  • Use the Oxford comma format.
  • Headers in H2 tags and sub-headers in H3 and H4 tags.
  • No span or div tags