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Share Your Advice with Early Developer-First Companies

Heavybit is the domain authority on bottom-up developer companies. Specifically, we teach them about scaling their product, team, marketing, sales, operations, and generally improving their overall go-to-market. If you’re interested in submitting a guest post to our blog, becoming an office hours advisor, or submitting a talk for speaker consideration, here are some of our most sought-after topics.

  • User Onboarding & Product: Product Launches, DX, documentation, API design, user engagement, empty states etc.
  • Pricing: Rollouts, tiered and metered pricing, value-based pricing, general packaging, commercial strategies for open source
  • User Acquisition: Evangelism, Content Marketing, Events
  • Enterprise Product : API Management, Security, Data Management, SLAs, Governance, Performance, Architecture Trends
  • Enterprise Marketing & Sales: GTM Ops, Demand Gen, Lead Gen, nurturing, SEM/SEO, technical sales compensation, articles written from the perspective of a first TAM, SDR, SE.
  • General Management, Hiring and People Ops as they concern devops, developer and enterprise companies

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Do you have valuable insights and experiences to share with our community? We want to hear from you. Submit an idea.

*Note: While we appreciate the offer to contribute to Heavybit, we also reserve the right to refuse submissions. We do not accept product pitches, breaking news, pieces targeted at a specific individual or hyper-specific situation, submissions counter to our Code of Conduct. We reserve the right to edit submissions based on our content and fact checking policy. If your submission is accepted, you will be asked to read our writing guide, office hour guide, or speaker guide.