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Heavybit Welcomes New Member: Netlify Dana Oshiro

We’re thrilled to announce our newest Heavybit member, Netlify – a company that helps developers, editors, and designers manage and publish their content online.

The emergence of Git centered workflows with modern build tools, static site generators and modern browsers have dramatically changed how most front-end coders work. Netlify unifies these new tools and processes into a viable workflow in order to offer a highly performant and easily maintainable site or web-app.

We are excited to work alongside Netlify as they take modern static websites and apps mainstream. Please join us in welcoming Matt & Chris to the community! Click here for more on Netlify.

About The Founders

Matt Biilmann - Netlify

Matt Biilmann, CEO and co-founder of Netlify | LinkedIn | Twitter

Matt Biilmann is co-founder and CEO of Netlify. Developer by trade, Matt likes code, listen to music and drink beer. A former CTO in a 150 people web-tech company, and creator of the dynamic CMS WebPop, he moved to SF 4 years ago with no intention of leaving again.


Chris Bach - Netlify

Chris Bach, President and co-founder of Netlify | LinkedIn | Twitter

Chris Bach is co-founder and President of Netlify. He spent 14 years in advertising, founding and selling one agency, and serving as a Chief Design Officer in another. He enjoys innovative digital advertising, building things, peanut butter, champagne and movies.

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