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Our Inclusion Policy Dana Oshiro

The people in the Heavybit community are a respectful, supportive and inclusive group. Until this post, we’ve never had any formal statement of conduct. Nevertheless, it’s time we said:

We Value a Culture of Inclusion and Participation

We unequivocally and without prejudice want to surround ourselves with as many talented people as we can. Software is the future and in order for it to be a good one, it should include entrepreneurs, developers and contributors with a diverse set of values, skills, knowledge, experiences and histories.

We Foster Participation

We believe in encouraging participation from traditionally marginalized groups. We believe those traditionally left out of industry-shaping conversations should help design today’s developer ecosystem. We advocate for a diverse group of experts through Heavybit’s leadership circles, speakers bureaus and mentorship pool. We urge our event and community partners to do the same.


Heavybit has a specific set of guidelines for our larger conferences, please read our conference conduct policy here.

We have a Zero Tolerance Policy

We want to surround ourselves with people who share this set of values and provide a safe-space. To that end, we have zero-tolerance for behavior that is counter to these values including sexualized, demeaning, or insensitive content or inappropriate comments regarding age, gender, sexual orientation, physical ability, physical appearance, race, religion, or any other factor. Whether intentional or unintentional, we do not tolerate harassment of any kind.

  • The community models behavior. If someone is making you or others uncomfortable, don’t let it slide. We encourage you to address inappropriate behavior in a direct, respectful and adult manner. Those asked to stop their inappropriate behavior are expected to comply immediately.
  • Heavybit has an official conduct process. If this behavior continues, please raise a formal complaint and email This email alias goes to Conduct Committee. If this happens at an event, please speak to a member of Heavybit staff identified by their staff badge.
  • Bad behavior will be addressed. In cases where Heavybit is involved, we will act swiftly to investigate the accusations and will take any actions we deem appropriate to correct the situation including in extreme cases, banning individuals from our clubhouse, events or online communities.

If you have suggestions for changes to this policy, feel free to write a pull request or email

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