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Founder Panel: Developer Product Design Ted Carstensen

In this special Speaker Series Q&A panel on Developer Product Design, Heavybit Product Faculty Chair and Squarespace Developer Platform Lead Cole Krumbholz is joined by Ryan Spraetz, Co-founder of Keen IO, Michael Friis, Product Manager at Docker, and Jon Dahl, Co-founder and CEO of Mux.

The panel was convened following Cole’s Speaker Series presentation on Developer Product Design. I recommend you watch that presentation before jumping into this panel, as Cole builds a framework to help you answer the most basic question at hand – are you actually building a developer product?

Am I building a developer product?

In his delightfully simple mad lib, Cole has found the fastest path to answering that question.

Developers want to _______. But they don’t want to _______, so we do it. All they have to do is _______.

Cole uses Twilio as an example.

Developers want to use SMS and telephony. But they don’t want to figure out how to integrate with multiple phone carriers and keep track of several different APIs or sign contracts with those providers, so we do it. All they have to do is script the calls using an HTML-like language.

Try it out with your product and ask yourself whether you’re providing real value, or simply asking developers to trade one programming task for a slightly different programming task.

I am building a developer product.

Now that you’re confident what you’re building is a developer product, watch this panel of experienced developer product designers to help you avoid common mistakes and pitfalls when taking your product to market.

The group covers topics ranging from struggling to find product-market fit, seeing the difference between ‘good’ money and ‘bad’ money, how to talk with your early customers and deciding which to listen to when building your roadmap, and finally they share their experiences answering the question: have I found success?

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