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Join us on January 29 for DevGuild: Developer Evangelism Dana Oshiro

On the afternoon of January 29th, we’re hosting DevGuild: Developer Evangelism.

Inspired by unconferences and Ignite events, Heavybit’s DevGuild will gather developer evangelists and community builders for an afternoon discussion about the tactics and philosophies that inspire others to join a movement, rally for change, and breathe life into what otherwise might just be code.

Forward-thinking community builders from Salesforce, Heroku, Electric Imp, Github and will kick off the day with short Ignite-style talks followed by a larger unconference discussion.

Potential Topics We’ll Discuss

Because, this is an unconfernce, we’ll select topics together for collaborative sessions and workshops. But some of the topics we’ve already heard as suggestions include:

  • Contributor Motivation: What Moves You?
  • Types of Communities: Commercial Users and Tribes
  • Github, StackOverflow and the Hubs of Choice
  • Noobs and Experts: Encouraging Participation
  • Culture-building, Safe-Spaces and Diversity
  • Identifying, Empowering and Rewarding Leaders
  • Hiring and Scaling Your Community Team
  • Creating a Value-based Content and Event Strategy
  • Contests, Hackathons and Partnerships
  • ROI: How do you Measure Engagement?


All ticket proceeds will benefit shelter and housing services in San Francisco’s Western SOMA neighborhood. Register now, space is limited:

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