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CircleCI Office Hours: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Continuous Integration Ted Carstensen

On April 5th, Heavybit member company CircleCI held their monthly office hours at our San Francisco Clubhouse. Sign up here to attend the next Office Hours event in person.

If you’re like Alek Sharma, you’re not a genius. Which means you make mistakes. And that’s fine with you because you’re a good engineer, so you know there is no such thing as perfect code. Just better code.

Yes, you have a test suite to catch bugs, but that runs locally. Something might break on the server actually running your code. And you’d probably rather know about that before your users know.

In this talk, Alek shares everything you always wanted to know about continuous integration – watch to learn how continuous integration and delivery can be used to increase confidence in your code and promote best practices.

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