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Product-Led Growth, Selling to Developers & More: What We’re Reading in August Ashley Dotterweich

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Build vs Buy: Selling to Developers Who Don’t Want to Buy Your Product (Yet) | Heavybit

This month, LaunchDarkly’s Edith Harbaugh presented at the Clubhouse on the art of turning critics into champions. She shared her experience with category creation, experimenting with marketing tactics, and why criticism is a good sign for your new product. Can’t wait for the full recording of the talk? Check out our key takeaways from Edith’s session.

The State of Product-Led Growth | Openview Partners

Openview Partners recently conducted a survey of over 500 SaaS leaders to learn how teams leverage product-led growth as part of their go-to-market strategy. In this post they share some of their findings, including the trend towards a freemium model among emerging startups and the fact that 80% of teams says that their in-product onboarding experience is lacking. Read their writeup for more on what drives product-led growth.

Announcing PartiQL: One query language for all your data | AWS

AWS announced the launch of their SQL-compatible query language, PartiQL, at the beginning of the month. The open source language was designed “easy to efficiently query data, regardless of where or in what format it is stored.” Learn more about why Amazon built PartiQL to solve their own internal data query needs, and how you can use it yourself on the AWS blog.

Welcome, GitHub Actions: why CircleCI remains the best tool for teams | CircleCI

In the wake of Github’s announcement that they will extend Actions to include CI/CD, CircleCI CEO Jim Rose responded with an outline of CircleCI’s post-Series D plans. These include a focus on making CircleCI flexible to use, as well as plans to surface 9+ years of data for better analytics and delivery pipeline insights. Read more on the CircleCI blog.

22 Miraculous Tools for React Developers in 2019 |

React is the foundation for many web applications, and there’s a wealth of tools out there to help React developers improve their workflows. This tool roundup from contributor jsmanifest shares 22 open source tools that help teams get the most out of their React.

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