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Heavybit Show & Tell Part 2 w/ Ray Morgan & Chad Arimura

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Stripe’s Ray Morgan
Iron.io’s Chad Arimura
Librato’s Joe Ruscio
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In our last post we released 3 Heavybit Show and Tell presentations focussed on developer traction and go-to-market strategy. The following presentations from Iron.ioStripe and Librato offer a look at how companies are keeping pace with the ever-changing nature of software deployment and adapting their product roadmaps for success.

Stripe’s Ray Morgan

Heavybit Show & Tell – Ray Morgan, Stripe from HEAVYBIT.

Just one month after their Apple Pay release, Stripe’s Product Engineer Ray Morgan offers his thoughts on security and authentication moving forward with Apple Pay.

Iron.io’s Chad Arimura

Heavybit Show & Tell – Chad Arimura, Iron.io from HEAVYBIT

Iron.io founder Chad Arimura discusses the changes in computing and how his company makes the atomic unit a Microservice or Task for customers like HotelTonight and CNN.

Librato’s Joe Ruscio

Heavybit Show & Tell – Joe Ruscio, Librato from HEAVYBIT

Librato CTO Joe Ruscio offers how his company has evolved over 3 years, the pains of backporting features into a lean MVP and offers a look at Librato’s preview release.