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Inclusion and Access: Heavybit’s Programs for Women

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New Efforts this Month
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Early programmer Grace Hopper coined the term “debugging” and is credited with saying, “The most dangerous phrase in the language is, ‘we’ve always done it that way'”

As Heavybit’s member companies grow, I want to remind everyone of Heavybit’s commitment to an inclusive environment. This means our community will be shaped by people with a diverse set of values, skills, knowledge, experience and histories. As part of this, we’re announcing a few new initiatives for the women of Heavybit.

New Efforts this Month

Let’s face it, women in developer companies can sometimes feel isolated. As leading developer companies, Heavybit’s members can do more than just ensuring a Safe-Space. We can actively look for ways to improve the experience for women. In that spirit, here is what we’re working on:

  • Regular Check-ins: We’ve started doing in-person check-ins with a few women in the clubhouse. We want to know how we can improve the Heavybit experience. To contribute your feedback, please email dana@heavybit.com and we’ll schedule a time to followup.
  • Heavybit Women’s Google Group: We’ve added a number of women from our member companies into a Google Group. Please send a request to join from your work account if you aren’t on this list. We’ll send invites to special women-only events and share useful links and articles. We’re hoping this first group will inspire other forums within the Heavybit membership.
  • Speaker & Writer’s Bureau: Tech events and publications sometimes seem like echo chambers. One of the ways to create a welcoming environment is to ensure that our thought leadership comes from a diverse group. If you’ve got event opportunities for women and minorities to speak, email dana@heavybit.com. If you’re interested in increasing your visibility as a speaker, writer and expert, fill out this form.