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AUG 30, 20162 MIN

DevGuild: Developer Product Design Meetup

Ted Carstensen

Ted Carstensen

Platform Director, Heavybit

On August 24th we hosted our first Developer Product Design Meetup as follow up to our recent DevGuild: Developer Product Design conference. This regular meetup will feature speakers and panels focused on developer experience & developer product design. Follow us on Twitter to get updates on the next event, and check out our events page for tons of other developer-focused events.

Jakub Nesetril

Harmony In API Design

These days APIs are all the craze, evidenced by the fact that everyone is building them. For most people tasked with the job though, this is their first time. And as such, questions about “how to design an API properly” are being asked everywhere I look. Of course it’s natural that we as developers seek quick & easy answers.

In this talk, I make it clear that there is no golden rule to API design – instead, APIs must conform and adapt to user’s needs. Using examples drawn not just from programming, but also product design and visual design, I discuss how to build an API that developers will love. — Jakub

Sean Li

The IKEA Effect

In this delightful talk, Sean Li, Lead Product Designer at Docker, uses what he has coined ‘The IKEA Effect’ to illustrate the importance of product onboarding & discoverability, knowing your target user from the start, and getting them to your WOW moment as quickly as possible.

Check out the Heavybit Events calendar for all of our upcoming developer focused events.

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