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SEP 12, 20162 MIN

Dev Tools Digest – Sep. 12

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Ted Carstensen

Ted Carstensen

Platform Director, Heavybit

In this issue of our Dev Tools Digest, LaunchDarkly announces multivariate feature flags, Treasure Data provides a case study on how the company works with leading mobile games studio, and Rainforest QA provides tips for mobile QA.

Launched: Multivariate Feature Flags

LaunchDarkly announced support for multivariate feature flags. A multivariate flag allows you to define two or more custom variations and these variations can be strings, numbers, JSON objects, or JSON arrays. Read more here.

Case Study: Beating the Analytics Level at GREE

GREE’s dominance in the “free-to-play” mobile gaming market has made it one of the most respected studios in the world. But analyzing user data across each of its mobile titles was anything but a game. Treasure Data released a case study detailing how the company helps GREE free its analysts from dependence on engineers. Read more here.

Speeding Up Mobile Testing with Better Workflows

Many teams use the same QA testing workflows for mobile applications as they use for desktop applications. Rainforest QA wrote a post on how crowdsourced testing can update lagging testing practices and make mobile QA more efficient. Read the full post here.

Demuxed 2016 is Around on the Corner

Join Mux on 10/13 as they explore topics at the forefront of video technology, including Anne Aaron’s “Measuring Perceptual Video Quality at Scale,” Steven Robertson’s “Why People Really Abandon Playbacks,” and Andrew Scherkus’ “Developing VR Media Technology.” Registration is now open – get your ticket before it sells out!

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