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OCT 31, 20162 MIN

Dev Tools Digest – Oct. 31

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Ted Carstensen

Ted Carstensen

Platform Director, Heavybit

In the latest Dev Tools Digest you’ll find new product and feature announcements from Heavybit member companies Eve, Meteor, and LaunchDarkly, as well as the latest educational articles, podcasts, and videos from Heavybit.

Introducing Eve

Heavybit member Eve announced Eve, a programming language and IDE based on years of research into building a human-first programming platform. From code embedded in documents to a language without order, it presents an alternative take on what programming could be – one that focuses on us instead of the machine. Read more about Eve here.

Meteor Announces Apollo Optics

Meteor announced Apollo Optics at the #GraphQL summit. Apollo Optics is engineered specifically to deliver app insights for popular GraphQL servers and answer tough performance questions where existing tools fall short. Founder Matt DeBergalis wrote a great piece on building GraphQL first, incorporating Apollo Optics, read that post here.

LaunchDarkly Works With Slack and HipChat

LaunchDarkly announced integrations with Slack and HipChat, allowing you to sync LaunchDarkly notifications with your team’s messaging platform of choice. Easily get notifications when feature flags are turned on or off, when new flags are created or existing flags are deleted, coordinate releases and know when changes go live, and more. Read the full release here.

New From Heavybit

Heavybit published episode 3 of The Secure Developer titled ‘Security From The Start’ featuring a discussion with Codiscope’s VP of Engineering Sabin Thomas on the benefits of designing with security in mind from the start.

Episode 4 of ‘JAMstack Radio’ was also released, featuring a great discussion with David Wells of Serverless. David explains the Serverless Framework and automation using AWS Lambda and goes over the advantages of event-driven architectures.

Finally, videos from the latest SF Metrics Meetup were published featuring engineers from Netflix and Planet discussing the Netflix-built Vizceral and the Rust metrics library. Watch the videos on our blog.

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