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NOV 28, 20163 MIN

Dev Tools Digest – Nov. 28

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Ted Carstensen

Ted Carstensen

Platform Director, Heavybit

Great news for LaunchDarkly and Serverless customers in this edition of the Dev Tools Digest, plus two great resources on APIs and Webhooks, and an upcoming SEO focused webinar from member company Pantheon.

LaunchDarkly Launches Multi-factor Authentication

LaunchDarkly today announced multi-factor authentication, allowing you to use both a password and a login verification code from any popular authenticator app before gaining access to your LaunchDarkly account. The company strongly recommends that you use MFA for your account, go ahead and turn it on today.

Serverless V1.2

Serverless Inc announced the general availability of Serverless V1.2. The hottest new feature is native support for environment variables on a service or function level. Read the full release notes on the Serverless blog.

SEO for WordPress and Drupal Websites Webinar

If you’re using WordPress or Drupal as a CMS, don’t miss this upcoming SEO focused webinar from Pantheon. Learn how information architecture (IA), sitemaps, canonical links, robots.txt, JavaScript, and plain old HTML have a major impact on SEO, as well as best practices for each – register today.

How To Engage your API Users

Heavybit member Readme published an article that will help you interact with your API users in the right way, encourage them to use your product to its full potential, and harness those users to strengthen your developer community. Read the full post here.

Webhooks Do’s and Dont’s

Guiliano Lacobelli posted a great rundown of the role of webhooks in an API driven world. A webhook is a way for web service to provide other services with near real-time information using HTTP POST requests. Learn more about the best ways to implement webhooks in your product in his post.

New From Heavybit

We launched our newest podcast last week, Data Science Storytime – a show about data, science, stories, and time. The show is hosted by Keen IO co-founder and CEO Kyle Wild, and Keen IO Storyteller Kevin Wofsy. Join them in episode #1 as they brainstorm the concept of the show, debate the difference between data science and non-data science, and recount the story of the action-hero data scientist who skipped a meeting with Kyle to rescue a little girl trapped on a mountain (or so he assumes).

Ep. #27 of To Be Continuous was released, featuring a conversation on the 10x Developer. Is the 10x developer a myth? Is being a “rock star” a good thing? What about ninjas or pirates? The pair discusses what motivates them to see something through from start to finish, both in business and in life.

Interested in joining Heavybit? Our program is the only one of its kind to focus solely on taking developer products to market. Need help with developer traction, product market fit and customer development? Apply today and start learning from world-class experts.

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