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NOV 21, 20163 MIN

Dev Tools Digest – Nov 21

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Ted Carstensen

Ted Carstensen

Platform Director, Heavybit

In this edition of the DevToolsDigest we bring you security updates from Snyk and Nodesource, an educational introduction to GraphQL from Runscope, a Keen IO community survey, New Relic Infrastructure, and OverOps’ new Java Bullshifier.

Snyk For Ruby

Snyk announced support for Ruby, the second language that works with the Snyk platform. Now you can test all your GitHub repos for vulnerable gems with a click of a button. Snyk will identify the Ruby repositories and match the gems they use against their open-source Ruby vulnerability database, where they currently curate over 280 known gem vulnerabilities. Try it out today.

Introduction To GraphQL

Runscope Founder and CEO John Sheehan put together a great primer on GraphQL. If you’ve been hearing a lot about GraphQL recently but haven’t had the time to get up to speed, this is the best place to start.

Keen IO Community Survey

Heavybit member company Keen IO has requested your help with a community survey. This survey is completely anonymous and will help them shape their community strategies (with a particular focus on diversity, inclusivity and their developer community) over the coming year. Take the survey and help shape the Keen IO Community.

Need To Node

Member companies Snyk and Nodesource teamed up for a webinar on Node.js security: Achieving End-to-End Node.js Security. You can watch the full video for free on the Nodesource site.

New Relic Infrastructure

New Relic announced New Relic Infrastructure, a new suite of tools that delivers real-time health metrics correlated with recent configuration changes, so you can quickly resolve issues, scale rapidly, and deploy intelligently. If you’re using New Relic, read more about Infrastructure monitoring here.

OverOps Java Bullshifier

OverOps released a fun tool last week, affectionately named the Java Bullshifier. As you may have guessed, the Java Bullshifier generates massive random Java applications with a command line tool – if you’re curious to learn more, read the release announcement here.

The latest from Heavybit

For more on security from Snyk Founder and CEO Guy Podjarny, check out Ep. #5 of The Secure Developer, for a discussion on continuous security with Chef co-founder and CTO Adam Jacob.

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