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JUL 25, 20162 MIN

Dev Tools Digest – July 25

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Francisco Fisher

    Meteor joins Stack Overflow to launch Documentation, PagerDuty announces a new CEO and Keen IO releases a Community Code of Conduct in this week’s Dev Tools Digest.

    Stack Overflow Docs

    Stack Overflow shipped Documentation last week. The community driven project is said to expand on the site’s existing developer documents with better contributor recognition and more useful implementation examples, among other new features. Meteor announced they would be joining companies including Dropbox, PayPal and Microsoft to include their documentation with the Stack Overflow Docs launch.

    Taking the Reins

    PagerDuty welcomes Jennifer Tejada as the company’s new CEO. Tejada was previously Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer of Mincom and currently serves on the board of Puppet. Her arrival to PagerDuty follows a 95% revenue increase for the company in the first half of 2016, according to a recent press release.

    Following the Code

    Keen IO introduces their Community Code of Conduct, a living GitHub document that covers guidelines for posting in all of Keen’s community spaces and open source products.

    Codenvy 4.5 is here with features from Eclipse Che including UX improvements, a new resources manager and new workspace URL schema, as described in a Codenvy post.

    Latest Devco Jobs

    Apiary seeks a Senior Developer for their Documentation Team based in Prague. Responsibilities include developing and running documentation with an ACE-based editor.

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