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DEC 6, 20163 MIN

Dev Tools Digest – Dec. 6

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Ted Carstensen

Ted Carstensen

Platform Director, Heavybit

In this week’s Dev Tools Digest find community updates from Amazon re:Invent, new releases from Serverless, Mux, and Stripe, and a Microsoft Teams integration from Runscope.

AWS re:Invent

Last week was huge for anyone who works in or around the AWS ecosystem. I won’t include all the news released at re:Invent here; you can read about that on the re:Invent site. Instead, I’d like to highlight two talks given by Heavybit member companies.

The first talk, delivered by Rainforest CTO Russ Smith, is titled “Leverage the Power of the Crowd To Work with Amazon Mechanical Turk.” If you have any interest in adding Mturk flows to your stack, don’t miss this talk.

This second talk, given by CitusDB Principal Engineer Will Leinweber, illustrates how Citus enables scalable PostgreSQL on AWS. If you’re working with large PostgreSQL deployments, you’re going to want to watch this talk.

Serverless v1.3.0

Right on schedule, Heavybit member Serverless Inc. has released v1.3.0 of the Serverless Framework. Top highlights of 1.3.0 are: new Function Metrics which allow you to see events like invocations and throttles with a simple CLI command, AWS Credentials setup is now much improved, new automatic Lambda versioning support, and a host of bug fixes. Get the new version of the Serverless Framework on GitHub.

Mux Support for iOS / tvOS, and JWPlayer

Mux has announced beta support for iOS and tvOS applications, as well as full support for JWPlayer. Are you in the dark when it comes to your web video performance? Check out the Mux docs to see exactly what you’re missing when it comes to your site’s viewing experience.

Stripe Updates Android SDK

Stripe released a dot update for their Android SDK. New features include granular threading controls, the ability to see a tokenized card’s funding source and support for Javadoc – now you can look up functions and parameters from within your favorite IDE. Download the latest library here.

Runscope Integrates with Microsoft Teams

If you’ve hopped on the Microsoft Teams train, there’s a new Runscope integration you should check out. Connect your account today to set up notifications in Teams for new Runscope tests.

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