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DEC 3, 20162 MIN

Dev Tools Digest – Dec. 14

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Ted Carstensen

Ted Carstensen

Platform Director, Heavybit

Check out this week’s Dev Tools Digest for updates from Meteor, Serverless, Netlify, and LaunchDarkly. Also find some great new DevCoJob recs and a few content updates from Heavybit.

Apollo GraphQL Updates

Meteor announced two new highly requested features for Apollo Optics: fine-grained time filters, and query variables. These should give users even more information about what’s causing performance issues in their GraphQL API. Read the full release here.

Serverless Office Hours #2

If you missed the most recent Serverless office hours, have no fear – you can watch the full event on demand. Learn from David Wells about the Lambda announcements at re:Invent and the Serverless Framework v1.3 release.

Netlify Unveils Netlify News

Netlify has announced a brand new hub for content, news, and updates: Netlify News. Follow Netlify News to keep up with best practices around building, deploying, and maintaining websites that use the JAMstack.

Feature Flag-Driven Products

LaunchDarkly released a fantastic resource for anyone building with feature flags. Take a look at the post for tips on using feature flags for plan management, personalization, and cross-platform consistency.


Testim.io is looking for a Director of Marketing, Mux is searching for an Account Executive, and Mulesoft is in need of a Director of Developer Marketing and Relations.

New From Heavybit

Watch a video from CircleCI’s recent Office Hours event: The Downtime Panel: October’s DDoS Attack Decoded and learn how to prepare for future attacks.

Episode #2 of Data Science Storytime was released, featuring co-hosts Kyle Wild and Kevin Wofsy discussing Kyle’s early, Tom Sawyeresque business ventures. Hear what life lessons were reluctantly learned by Kyle before Keen.

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