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AUG 1, 20162 MIN

Dev Tools Digest – Aug. 1

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Francisco Fisher

    See new openings posted to Devco Jobs, plus announcements from Rainforest, PagerDuty and Gradle in this week’s Dev Tools Digest.

    Mobile Passes the Test

    Rainforest announced mobile app testing for iOS and Android. Mobile testing provides QA-as-a-Service to execute mobile application testing across multiple devices in a fast, scalable way, allowing teams to ship high quality mobile apps rapidly. Learn more about this new product here, or in their new ebook titled A Guide to Mobile App Testing, and How to Scale It.

    Reach the Summit

    PagerDuty is gearing up for its Sep. 13 Summit in San Francisco with a solutions expo and breakout sessions. Winners of the Operational Excellence and Innovation Awards will be announced, and featured speakers will include Yahoo! Chairman Maynard Webb and DevOps thought leader Gene Kim.

    Build It, Work It

    Gradle is talking about Buildship 1.0.17, the most recent release of their Eclipse integration. Buildship helps users sync Gradle builds with their workspaces, and Buildship 2.x is in the works with even more improvements, according to a recent Gradle post.

    Latest Devco Jobs

    Algolia is looking for Developer Advocates in San Francisco and Paris. Candidates should have experience in developer marketing, technical writing and/or sales or support engineering.

    Loggly seeks a Full Stack Software Developer and a Senior DevOps Engineer to join a team that will grow the company’s infrastructure build through Agile development and using a hybrid cloud that includes multiple datacenters. For more information on these and other openings, check out Devco Jobs.

    For more developer-based news and content, check back with the Heavybit blog, or browse Heavybit’s Library for in-depth talks from industry leaders on how to grow your company. Is there some news, events or developer related content you’d like to see on the next Heavybit Dev Tools Digest? Contact us, we’d love to hear from you.

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