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Content Marketing: Analyze Thousands of Blog Posts via Script

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In a recent Heavybit talk, Takipi Cofounder Iris Shoor shared her secrets on how she grew her company’s technical blog from zero to 70,000 unique visitors in just a few months. For a company who only released general availability over the summer, it’s a significant feat.

In addition to offering a number of distribution tactics, Shoor takes an incredibly smart approach to crafting the content itself — namely by creating a script to analyze more than 70 blogs and finding patterns in the post titles and content.

After looking at thousands of the most popular posts on TechCrunch and Ars Technica as well as smaller language-specific sites and competitor blogs, she began to see patterns in keyword use, tone and topics. For Shoor and her competitors in the web production testing space and language communities, words like “versus”, “kill” and “fail” in titles are often incredibly engaging to readers. Shoor admits that traditionally dry topics become heated debates when languages, frameworks and communities are compared side-by-side.

As a service to other developer marketers, Shoor made her popularity harvester script available for download. Users can tweak which blogs they want to analyze and find out what their communities are most likely to read.

For more on Iris’ approach, check out her video at heavybit.com/library.