Portfolio Spotlights

We help developer and enterprise companies scale their go-to-market. Learn from our portfolio founders about their experiences working with Heavybit's partners, team, and advisors.

  • Snyk's logo
    Heavybit helped us navigate the uncharted waters of building a dev focused enterprise offering.
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  • LaunchDarkly's Logo
    The great thing about Heavybit is that they don't have a cookie-cutter approach. They've seen every type of developer tool business, and can help you with what's right for you at any given time.
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  • Netlify Logo
    What you get out of most accelerator programs is pretty uniform, but that isn’t the case with Heavybit.
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  • Treasure Data
    Even experienced founders can get lost when building a developer focused company. Heavybit is the only program uniquely focused on guiding founders through this particular journey.
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  • CitusData Logo
    Founding a company and building a business from the ground up is not for the faint of heart — and I find it useful to talk to other founders in the Heavybit community. I learn something every time.
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  • Rainforest's Logo
    Heavybit is hands down the best community and program for technical founders.
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