Ep. #4, Building A Cyborg Company

Ep. #1, The Fandom Menace

Capital Efficiency: Lessons From the Financial Crisis

Live to Fight Another Day: Are You Default Dead or Alive?

Bias Busting: It’s About Tracking Data and Being Deliberate

Heavybit’s Year in Review

Business Analytics: Are We There Yet?

Using OKRs to Drive Results aka “Secrets to Crushing Your Goals”

Investing In Customer Success

Hiring a Tech Ops Team

Debugging Recruiting

Units of Value: A Framework for Scaling

Scaling Support Operations

Security Process in Open Source Communities

Bessemer’s Commandments for Dev-Focused Companies

Outsource like a Boss

Leadership and Process

Heroku Operations

How to Fix a Broken Board

SaaS Business Model Metrics

MySQL CEO on 2 Open Source Business Models

Benchmarks for *aaS Businesses

Common Ops Mistakes

Every Minute Counts: Coordinating Heroku’s Incident Response

Blocking and Tackling

Building Companies that Devs & DevOps Teams Love… And Avoiding Expensive Mistakes