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Ep. #49, Another Look at Product Management
October 17, 2018

In episode 49 of To Be Continuous, Edith and Paul discuss how to lead and manage a developer product to success.

Ep. #48, Resolving Accidental Complexity with Dark
September 19, 2018

In episode 48 of To Be Continuous, Edith asks Paul what it took to found his fourth startup, Dark.

Ep. #47, Product Management with Adam Gross
September 5, 2018

with Adam Gross

In episode 47 of To Be Continuous, Edith and Paul are joined by Adam Gross, former CEO of Heroku, who explains why people get into product management and how the role has evolved alongside continuous delivery.

Ep. #46, Microsoft Acquires GitHub
August 1, 2018

In episode 46 of To Be Continuous, Paul and Edith discuss Microsoft’s acquisition of GitHub. Is it a good thing? What will be the impact of such a massive deal on companies and developers in the devtools space?

Ep. #45, DevOps with Microsoft’s Sam Guckenheimer
May 31, 2018

with Sam Guckenheimer

In episode 45 of To Be Continuous, Paul and Edith meet with Sam Guckenheimer, Product Owner for Microsoft’s Visual Studio Team Services. They talk about how CI/CD has shaped the way teams approach DevOps today and how things might look in the not-so-distant future.

Ep. #44, Open Source for Enterprise with HashiCorp
April 10, 2018

with Armon Dadgar & Glenn Solomon

In episode 44 of To Be Continuous, Paul and Edith meet with Armon Dadgar, Co-Founder and CTO of HashiCorp, along with GGV Capital’s Glenn Solomon to dive into how CI/CD and open source can drive an enterprise-facing business strategy.

Ep. #43, Startup Partnerships with Ellen Chisa and John Kodumal
March 13, 2018

with Ellen Chisa & John Kodumal

In episode 43 of To Be Continuous, Edith and Paul are joined by Ellen Chisa, Paul’s co-founder and CEO of Dark, as well as┬áJohn Kodumal CTO and co-founder of LaunchDarkly to discuss what it takes to be a co-founder.

Ep. #42, Continuous Integration at Microsoft
February 5, 2018

with Simina Pasat & Joshua Weber

In this episode of To Be Continuous, Edith and Paul meet up with Microsoft program managers Simina Pasat and Joshua Weber to discuss how continuous integration plays a role behind the scenes at Microsoft.

Ep. #41, Docker with Windows
January 19, 2018

with Taylor Brown

Edith and Paul meet up with Taylor Brown of Microsoft to discuss the benefits of virtualization and using Docker with Windows.