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Dev Tools Digest – Oct. 17 Ted Carstensen

In this week’s digest, we announce our newest member ReadMe, Serverless launches V.1 of the Serverless Framework and a $3 million dollar seed round, several Heavybit members announce new features as part of Atlassian Summit, and’s CEO Chad Arimura sits down with The New Stack for an interview on serverless architectures.

Heavybit Announces New Member ReadMe

We’re excited to announce our newest Heavybit member, ReadMe – a company that provides users the ability to quickly create beautiful documentation, and build loyal, productive developer communities. Read the full announcement here.

Serverless Announces V.1 and $3 Million Seed Round

Heavybit member company Serverless announced general availability of V.1 of the Serverless Framework in addition to a $3 million dollar seed round. With these funds, Serverless will be able to substantially increase their efforts on the Framework and evolve its focus to help users deploy bigger, more powerful serverless architectures, across providers. Read more about V.1 on the Serverless blog.

CircleCI, Snyk, and LaunchDarkly Announce new features at Atlassian Summit.

Heavybit member companies CircleCI, Snyk, and LaunchDarkly all announced support for Atlassian’s Bitbucket pipelines and other products at the 2016 Atlassian Summit. Read more about each announcement on the company blogs – CircleCI, Snyk, LaunchDarkly. CEO Chad Arimura on The New Stack Makers Podcast

In this episode of The New Stack Makers Chad talks with Alex Williams about how software runs on Cloud Foundry. They also discuss Docker stability, the possibility of integrating with the BOSH deployment tool, the emerging use case of asynchronous serverless jobs, and the recent explosion of interest around serverless architectures. Listen to the full episode here.

New from Heavybit

Go Serverless with these presentations from the recent Serverless Meetup. Explore the DNA of Successful Developer Teams with the help of CircleCI’s Travis Vachon, and check out the latest episodes of Practical Product, To Be Continuous, JAMstack Radio, and The Secure Developer.

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