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Dev Tools Digest – June 6 Francisco Fisher

Rainforest has a guide for building test cases plus the latest from Takipi, PagerDuty and CircleCI.

Hi Alert

There’s no time like the present. Takipi recently introduced a new critical error alerts feature with real-time notifications. According to the post, the update sends custom alerts using messaging tools including Slack to deliver custom alerts for faster fixes.

Stay Tuned

PagerDuty introduces its Partner Spotlight, a new monthly blog installment. June’s spotlight shines a light on monitoring and diagnostics with Red Canary, Opsee and RayGun.

You can also check out “A few quick links” from CircleCI as part of a new weekly segment of hand-picked content for developers.

Ready, Set, Test

Checklists are great if you’re a QA engineer. But you’ll need to start somewhere. Rainforest lays out the early steps in creating a functional test checklist, from recognizing user stories and behaviors to putting the more common actions first and in smaller doses. Read the article and find Rainforest’s ebook, “50 Essential Functional and Regression Test Cases,” here.

New From Heavybit

In the latest Don’t Make Me Code, Convox CEO David Dollar and Opsee CPO Stephen Boak are joined by Dom Nguyen who talks about being the first designer at Meteor.

Devco Jobs

Gradle is hiring both a Back-end Engineer and a Front-end Engineer to help design and implement its React-based architectures.

LightStep is also looking for a Front-end Engineer/Designer, as well as a Developer Advocate to help contribute to and educate on the OpenTracing community.

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