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Shyp: Go Go Gadget CLI

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  • Ted Carstensen
    Ted CarstensenPlatform Director
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On April 21st, CircleCI held their monthly office hours at the Heavybit clubhouse. Special guests Shyp took the stage to discuss the inner-workings of their home-grown command line interface.

Shyp likes to be efficient. They built a command line gateway in Go to quickly build and share automations for common tasks across their team. This includes validating dev environments, creating pull requests, flashing environments with predefined states, interacting with Pivotal Tracker and more!

Watch as some of the engineers at Shyp pull back the curtain and share details and use-cases of their own CLI. Also, check out this in-depth blog post from the team at Shyp on how they automate mobile and web projects using CircleCI.

If you’d like to join in next time, RSVP here, and check out all the other events happening in our San Francisco Clubhouse.