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Heavybit Show & Tell, Part 1 w/ John Sheehan, Justin Larimer & Paul Biggar

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Runscope’s CEO John Sheehan
Keen IO’s Dustin Larimer
CircleCI’s Paul Biggar
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In November we hosted Heavybit’s first ever Show and Tell — an opportunity for our members to share recent releases, launches, partnerships, integrations and case studies. For the first in what we hope to be many more Show and Tell events, founders, evangelists, engineers and designers from a number of companies offered their latest thinking. These presentations from Runscope, Keen IO, and CircleCI offer a look at how each company thinks about community and adding value to reach new users.

Runscope’s CEO John Sheehan

Heavybit Show & Tell – John Sheehan, Runscope from HEAVYBIT.

Runscope’s CEO John Sheehan discusses how Runscope gets developers to signup via community projects like Hurl.it, RequestBin and Curl. He also discusses his retargeting strategy.

Keen IO’s Dustin Larimer

Heavybit Show & Tell – Dustin Larimer, Keen IO from HEAVYBIT.

KeenIO’s Design Engineer Dustin Larimer discusses his company’s recent open source releases including responsive Dashboard templates, Geo-explorer and their upcoming release of Workbench.

CircleCI’s Paul Biggar

Heavybit Show & Tell – Paul Biggar, CircleCI from HEAVYBIT.

CircleCI’s founder Paul Biggar talks about the company’s recent decision to create a free tier, plans to roll out with Github enterprise and some of his upcoming work on the company’s go-to-market strategy.